C1: A Terrific Three Bedroom College Station Apartment

Sometimes you need some elbow room to your home, whether you have a small family to care for, a group of friends who want to share the living space and the financial burdens, a remote job where you’d like an office to complete projects in, or simply a need to have more space for your hobbies and goals. Whatever you need it for, our three bedroom luxury apartments at Ariza College Station have the area and amenities you need to make the most of every square inch.

Our three bedroom luxury apartment floor plan, the C1, brings in finesse and freedom to roam within its 1,273 square feet of living space. All three bedrooms contain more than enough space to accommodate a plush king-sized bed, along with an expansive walk-in or double door closet to organize all your outfits and accessories with ease. The two deluxe bathrooms allow you to refresh your body and soul, and they’re placed right next to the rooms for quick access at any hour. Create your favorite recipes in the open kitchen, featuring plenty of pantry and cabinet space, a wide dining area, and a chef’s island for added versatility. Host a fun game night, lounge back and relax, exercise, or do whatever you like in the gigantic living room, complete with a private balcony overlooking our gorgeous community. Finally, take care of laundry right from home using the convenient utility room adjacent to the kitchen.

Give your home three times the charm here at Ariza College Station. Schedule a tour of our three bedroom luxury apartments and C1 floor plan today.

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